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Ses Petites Mains refers not only to the sweet, little hands of those who would wear the clothes, but also to the delicate details which separate disposable clothing from those you hope to cherish forever.
— Beth Miles
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In 2006, I founded Ses Petites Mains, Tiny Chic Clothing & served as Chief Creative Officer & Brand Builder until its sale in 2016.

As a new mother, I was constantly scouring flea markets for items that were free of branding and trends that overwhelmed my tiny daughter’s delicate, beautiful nature. Ses Petites Mains was created to capture the styles and details that I so hoped to find. And so began the creation of beautiful heirloom quality clothing in modern shapes, of fabrics that had a sense of rich nostalgia.

With a keen eye that understands what girls love to wear, and parents love to buy, I led our team in developing this domestically-manufactured line to international distribution & critical acclaim. 

And what began as a classic wholesale model, was transformed to meet the needs of a digital, omnichannel & Direct-to-Consumer model.  

Category expansion into Special Occasion & Tween sizes gave Ses Petites Mains extended life & reach.   This locally-produced brand that was 'made to last' had a sustainability approach from day one.

Ses Petites Mains was featured in endless publications like Collezioni, Martha Stewart Wedding, Cookie Magazine, Parents and beyond. We wear this WGSN quote proudly— “one of the strongest American collections.” 

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I wanted to remind the general public that we are capable of making ‘things’ and “that making” needed to happen locally to convince the masses.
— Beth Miles

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