The art of the find, the width of the stitch, the quiet details of clothes that matter for the tiny chic customer. ”
— Beth Miles

I am a unique blend of left & right-brain thinking which allows me to craft creative solutions with integrity & create brands with impact. I love to find answers to the questions and ideate their solutions to work for the greater good. ‘Made by hand’ still requires innovation, technology & data to make it all work, and so we do.

At my core, I’m a storyteller. At times, my stories are told in color and fabric. Edited into pattern pieces which are then stitched together into meticulously assembled designs that endure.

At other times, my stories are best left to a picture—one good one is worth a thousand words, so they say. And then, there are those that love and need the written word—’print is not dead!’ I still love the sound of the my NYTimes being tossed onto the front porch each morning.

A follower of music, art & just about everything else, I love connecting to culture to find unexpected collaborations that lead to a brand’s extended & authentic reach.

In my off hours, I’m a long-boarding, surfer mom who believes that personal growth is directly related to our professional success. I apply this principle in the waters of West Marin on many a weekend.  

There isn’t enough of anything as long as we live.
But at intervals a sweetness appears and, given a chance, prevails.
— Raymond Carver
photo by Beth Miles, copyright 2017

photo by Beth Miles, copyright 2017

people are talking about…

I often find myself saying ‘they don’t make ‘em like they used to’ about my girls’ clothing, but not when it comes to Ses Petites Mains. Magnificent, modern, and made to last.
— Kristen Chase of Cool Mom Picks
I think the prettiest flower girl dresses are not from a bridesmaid or wedding dress company but from children’s designers.  The effortless silk dresses from Ses Petites Mains can be worn over and over again, 
— Chelsea Fuss, Frolic Blog for East Side Bride.  
Beth is an amazing designer whose line stands out from all the others in a sea of children’s clothing labels.  Beth has an eye for fabric and she designs her pieces with function and beauty in mind. Her line represents childhood, but with a sophistication that offers children and their parents smart choices.
Beth is a rare combination of true artist and savvy business person. She is a pleasure to work with and will hopefully be a longtime partner of Moxie Kids.
— Penny Ashley-Lawrence, Owner Moxie Kids
I worked with Beth within a Marketing/PR function at her company, Ses Petites Mains. She has a very clear vision and understands every component in crafting an incredibly meaningful Brand. Beth has a keen understanding of the Product Design process—the Product Development cycles, and Sourcing & Fabric strategies. Her commitment to working domestically was truly inspiring, in a marketplace where it can be so easy to move everything off-shore. Beth streamlined Ses Petites Mains’ production to make sense in a higher cost model, to ensure their goal of always being a ‘Made in America’ brand. Her eye for Design, commitment to detail, endless energy & creative problem solving skills make Beth a truly unique businesswoman. 
— Shermalee Nicholson, Senior Executive Producer
Just wanted to let you know that we received the jacket and dress and both are wonderful. Even my daughter’s 8 year-old brother thought it was ‘REALLY pretty!’ Thank you so much it was really fun and special to work with you.
— Mary, Mother to a Jr Bridesmaid.
I have been meaning to write a note thanking you for the amazing dresses you made for our wedding. My daughters had so much fun dressing up and looked so cute and charming.
I know that my oldest daughter also had an amazing time picking out the fabric and material for the dress. It made the whole wedding that much more special for her.
— Signed, 'A happy Dad'