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Beautiful clothing and strong feminist messages aren’t mutually exclusive but rather, the combo sets the stage for greatness.
— Beth Miles
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I was co-founder & served as Creative Director of  Girls Up Front™. Creating this brand offered me the unique opportunity to use my experience as a Designer & Brand Builder to tell a much-needed story of Girls Empowerment. My partner & I were inspired to act, to give voice to our own outrage, in response to the leniency granted Brock Turner in the now infamous Stanford Rape Case.

Acknowledging that boys’ clothes featured only predators, and girls’ only prey, set the clear direction for Girls Uo Front. We determined that girls needed some fierce predators to adorn themselves in; imagery that could give voice to their strength, desires & needs.

The capsule collection, Predator Not Prey, is filled with beautifully crafted girls clothing, featuring the fierce predators usually reserved for the boys section. The shark, dinosaur or fierce pussy cat prints became the conversation starters for why it’s not only ok to be bold, it’s essential to one’s survival, you know, like a predator. 

Read Girls Up Front's overview describing the mission, marketing, strategies & motivations here. 

Domestically Produced

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Ericka McConnell,
Girls Up Front, 2017

lookbook/press kit